Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in the world and such an amazing place to be or visit. Apart from the having beautiful streets and restaurants that leave you spoilt for choice, there are places to relax if you want to. Barcelona has the best spots for any kind of fun picnic you like. Enjoy some quality time making memories that will last forever with your family and close friends at picnics.

It's the beautiful days with just enough sun and wind which are the best day for picnics. No matter what you choose to do they scream picnics. Find a nice spot in Barcelona spread your blankets and gather your loved ones for a picnic. And oh ! do not forget to fill your picnic basket with some delicious stuff may be from La Boqueria market.

Picnics get very common during springs and summers which give you an excuse to wear that very cute maxi dress you bought from the open markets in Barcelona. Also, this is your chance to try different picnic recipes.

It can be very hard to pick the perfect picnic spot for your picnic but do not worry here are some places to consider.

Places to go for a picnic in Barcelona

Parc Cervantes

Is a huge rose garden with climbing roses trimmed to perfection. It has the prettiest perfumed bushes you have ever seen and are packed with flowers in springs. For many people, it is the best time to go for a picnic

Parc de L'Orenta

This park has an urban forest that joins Barcelona with Collserola. The beautiful forest used to be two rural farms. Take your family on a picnic out here and they will thank you. The view is something to behold. There are steam trains to ride which will be fun for the kids. There are bars around there too where you can get roasted chickens.

Barceloneta Beach

Looking for someplace romantic to go with your someone special? Well, what's better than feeling the sand on your feet while enjoying some nice Catalan meals. This location will blow their mind. The view of the seafront and the sunset will bring you closer.

Parc de Joan Miro

If you are looking for a place that has lots of space for your picnic the Parc de Joan Miro can be a good option for you.

El Carmel Bunker

This is one of the best places for a picnic if you want to appreciate how beautiful Barcelona is.

Parc Ciutadella

Ask most people in Barcelona and they will tell you that this is their favourite amongst the parks of the city.

When you go site seeing and get hungry visit the Ciutadella Park and you will never forget it. It is very convenient because it is Located deep in the heart of the city. Picnic are great for connecting with the people you love for example your kids who are so much into social media.