Barcelona is not only one of the most famous destinations for tourists but also for vintage lovers. Vintage shopping is a lifestyle and a mindset as well. It brings salvation for vintage enthusiasts. Your vintage shopping dream is sure to come true here. There is something for everyone's style. If you love fashion and keep up with trends you definitely love vintage. Shops in Barcelona are go-to locations to find signature items that your friends will be all over. It is a very good way to spend a cool afternoon.

Vintage and second hand shops in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its very impressive shopping streets. There are a lot of vintage shop you should know about. The decorated stores are so many and so good looking that you can miss the one you wanted. It is certainly a place to go to find food quality and unique vintage clothing, bags ranging deep in from the 1970s up to the 1990s. You will even find vintage furniture from dining chairs, tables, armchairs.

Residents in Barcelona are very creative and you will see this when you visit a vintage store. With all the open air markets in Barcelona, you will find the unexpected. The charm in this streets will leave you coming for more.

Where to go vintage shopping in Barcelona

The most common may be Passeig de Gràcia and Portal de l’Àngel but there is a lot to choose from in this city. Along Carrer de La Riera Baixa and Carrer de Tallers, you will find vintage shops that will change your life. The streets are filled with almost all the vintage shops you need. Spanish leather bags are rare to find but there are shops in this street that have the classic ones. You will find unique even good secondhand stuff at affordable prices.

Holala is also among the stores that you will love. They have cool unique and handpicked stuff that date back to the 1950s. Els Encants is one of the biggest flea markets in Barcelona. Here you will find some very polished antique furniture to spice up your house. At Plaça Reial and near Drassanes metro station your artisan jewellery dreams come true. Paella Showroom and Humana are worth checking out you cannot leave these stores empty handed. Camden, the store is also very well known for its vintage clothing offers on very stylish clothes.

The best time to go vintage shopping is in the shops special days like for example. The shops on Carrer de Tallers take some of their nicest pieces outside the shop on Saturdays and set a welcoming street market.

Have you been looking for a place to go shopping for very distinct vintage stuff? Vintage shopping in Barcelona could be what you need. Shoppers know that vintage shopping feels like going through the jewellery box of a wealthy grandma you wish you had. If you are a vintage collector and havent visited Barcelona for vintage shopping you got this vintage-shopping a bit thing wrong.