An intriguing mountain in Catalonia, Tibidabo Barcelona is more than 500 meters tall and has an interesting mix of venues and activities on it. Barcelona is a beautiful city surrounded by hills and mountains.The highest peak in the Serra de Collserola range, Tibidabo has a telecommunications town, an amusement park and a Catholic church which took more than a century to build. A trip to Tibidabo is where you will discover that everything here has been designed on a spectacular scale and it is guaranteed to impress you.

Unequalled Views

The word Tibidabo means 'I will give to you' and this has perhaps explained why the Sagrat Cor, the Catholic Church is a huge attraction. In fact, for Christians, this is an absolute highlight as legend has it that this is the very spot where the devil tempted Jesus as they cast their eyes over the splendid views. In fact, on a clear day, you can get a view of Montserrat, a mountainous Caribbean island. Built in 1806, the Neo-Gothic structure has a magnificent bronze statue of the Sacred Heart at the top, and to enhance your sightings further, take a lift to the top of the church and benefit from breathtakingly exquisite views - after all, you're 575 meters above sea level!

Captivating Splendours all the Way

You can go up Tibidabo by car, bus or railway, but go up you must. The last part of your very scenic and riveting journey will be a cable car trip up the Tibidabo. There are some dedicated hikers who have even chosen to walk up and down at certain points which involves some difficult terrain but they claim that it is a walk to remember. For such splendid views over Barcelona, that alone is worth taking the trip to the top of the Tibidabo, regardless of the way you choose to get there.

Everything has an illustrious history to it, and the railway itself, was built in 1901 and the amusement park, is the oldest in the area, having being constructed in 1899. However, its appeal extends to modern day kids and teens and there are more than 30 awesome rides.

For anyone who is daring, the different rides allow you to get spectacular if not dizzying views of the city and surrounds at every kind of angle.

Spain's Mixed Offerings Hotspot

Visitors flock to Tibidabo, Spain's hotspot, and when you stand there and take in the views, you realise that it is Spain's duty to preserve such a rare and wonderful attraction.

Not only is Tibidabo Barcelona a major tourist attraction, the entire area of Tibidabo is a seriously popular weekend breakaway destination. There are some fabulous walking trails in the forest such as the Carretera de las Aguas, allowing you to feel as though you are far out of the city.