You've had a brilliant holiday in the sun, packed with fun, culture and lots of relaxation. Now, it's almost time to head home - but what are you going to take back with you? You want to get your friends and family something a little bit more personal than a fridge magnet, but there's such a dizzying array of things on offer that it can be hard to decide. Well, worry no more - just read on to find out the three very best souvenirs from Barcelona that anyone would be happy to receive.

The Number One Souvenir From Barcelona?

This is something that is both useful, unique and cultural - although you'll have to know the recipients shoe size! A pair of espardenyes are among the finest souvenirs from Barcelona that money can buy. You'll be able to find these traditional cloth shoes at any number of long-established stores all around the city. They're stunningly beautiful, comfortable to wear, and something that we can guarantee your friend or family member won't have encountered before.

What If Espardenyes Aren't Right For You?

There are plenty of other unique and wonderful souvenirs on offer. We can heartily recommend a bottle of vermouth. The drink has been gaining popularity here in Barcelona in recent years, and the range of types and flavour on offer has been growing steadily. If you fancy something unique, seek out a vermut casero where you'll be able to sample and blend your own utterly unique bottle. Who could say no to a gift like that?

And If They're Not A Big Drinker?

If you're giftee isn't likely to want a pair of shoes, and doesn't drink, there are still lots of options open to you. One that is near enough guaranteed to please is some turron. This sweet treat comes in a couple of different varieties, both hard and soft. Selection boxes are available from most stores, so that you can treat you gift recipient to a combination of both. Just make sure to pack it away securely in your suitcase, otherwise you might well find that you've devoured it all before you even get on the plane!

The Secret To Great Souvenirs From Barcelona...

Above are some of the best options available when it comes to getting gifts for friends and family. That said, there's one important thing to remember: make it memorable. Great souvenirs come with great memories attached. And who knows - give them a little taste of the culture, fun and intensity of Barcelona and next year they could be the one handing you a souvenir of the trip of a lifetime.