There is no shortage of taxis in Barcelona. Right from when you arrive, you will find them waiting at the airport to take you to wherever you need to go, and the same taxis can be found all around the city. All the vehicles used as in this business in this city are painted in black and yellow regardless of the company that owns them. This is because, in Barcelona, there is only one brand of licensed taxis. All of the taxis are metered, but this does not mean that do you not incur any additional charges during your travels around Barcelona.

Hailing a Taxi in Barcelona

With more than 10,000 available taxis in Barcelona, it should be easy to find one. A green light on the taxi's roof and a sign saying libre/lliure mean that it is free for service and you can hail it by raising your hand over the street. It should be easier to get them to stop when hailed at street corners. Barcelona also has taxi ranks all over the metropolitan area. The ranks operate at different hours of the day and night, but you should be able to find an active one each time you need a taxi seeing as to how there are over 300 taxi ranks in the city. You can also find a taxi through your phone, all you have to do is connect to a taxi dispatching service in Barcelona. This can be through a mobile application or a simple website.

Taxi Fares in Barcelona

The fare should be displayed on every taxi's rear passenger side window. You will have to pay at least €2.05 each time you travel by taxi. This is the amount that is sent to the meter when you start your journey. The fare rate of €0.98 for every kilometre you travel applies on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm. On the weekends between 8 am and 8 pm, the rates change to €1.24 per kilometre. The weekend rates also apply between 6am and 8pm during public holidays. There are additional charges like waiting charges and luggage charges when travelling to or from the airport. Some taxis accept credit card payments.

When travelling by taxi in this city, always be on the lookout in case a driver intends to cheat you out your money. Most of the taxi drivers are honest, but every city has a few conmen. To get your receipt, simply ask for un rebut (in Catalan) or un recibo (in Spanish). A receipt should include the taxi's license number, the driver's tax number and their signature, the date, and your fare. This should prevent you from being overcharged. It can also be useful when you forget something in a vehicle. Keep in mind that there are also taxi vehicles that have been adapted for the disabled and still charge the same as regular taxis.