When putting together a celebration, the food and drink to be consumed are usually a priority. You want to guarantee that your guests are not just fed but enjoy very part of the meal as well. Medieval dinners are excellent ideas when planning something special, whether it's an anniversary or family reunion. A medieval feast is like serving history on a platter. During ancient times, meals were huge occasions that were accompanied by song and dance.

Barcelona restaurants have embraced the concept of medieval meals, giving patrons the chance to taste delicacies from different eras. You can take your guests to a fine restaurant in the Catalan city and get the full medieval feast experience. The secret to pulling off a medieval dinner is learning about what matters.


If you are going to have a medieval feast; whether as a couple or group, aim for the real thing. Medieval feasts were all about the surroundings. You want to be transported to that period in history. For instance, a table laid out with a full cutlery set is not typical of medieval times, so it takes away the authenticity of the feast. The clothing on the table should have historically appropriate decorations, for starters. Forks were rare in ancient periods, so spoons and knives should be the primary utensils on your dinner table. If it's a themed party at a Barcelona restaurant, ask how far they go to maintain the originality of the era.


Medieval dinners are very distinct and characterised by many courses. If it’s a large event, you can have a banquet or buffet for your guests. A seated party will require many servants as was typical of the era. Medieval meals were not complicated, but they were tasty and consisted of a lot of meats. The restaurant can serve roasted meats from the spit. A place that offers diversity in meats such as mutton, beef and poultry is an ideal choice for your medieval dining experience.

Soups and broth were served as the first course; and so, were salads, therefore, consider including them in your dinner. Bread is also a big part of a medieval feast, meaning it should be part of the meal. Cheeses were believed to aid in digestion, so they never missed at the beginning and end of meals. As in today’s dinner courses, sweets came last. Fruit cakes and puddings are great combinations to have with your feast. Depending on the restaurant, you can have special sauces accompanying the meat.

Drinks and Entertainment

People in the medieval period truly appreciated their drinks, if movies and novels are to be trusted. You can’t have a medieval dining experience without the right selection of beers, wines or ales. As a matter of fact, these need to be available throughout the dinner. You can have the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in Barcelona as part of your feast. If you are unsure, ask for opinions about the wines to pair with the meats and other items on the menu. Renaissance music can top of the medieval dining adventure quite nicely. Remember to keep it authentic like having a band playing instruments. If it’s a party, have a place for guests to dance.