The Sant Joan Barcelona is a celebration that takes over the country with very different forms. In Barcelona is a popular celebration that everyone lives in their own way, meetings with neighbors, relatives or friends for dinner, make music and lit bonfires.

On June 23 in the afternoon the Canigó Flame arrives in Plaça de Sant Jaume, where it is received by the municipal authorities, the Eagle City and Giant City while with the song "Mountains of Canigou." Then representatives of each neighborhood take the fire that will light bonfires throughout the city. With the lighting of the bonfires begin dances in the squares and streets of Barcelona neighborhoods and, in parallel, the dinners, fireworks , dancing and much partying until dawn.

A background to this celebration

The night of June 23, Midsummer Eve is a magical night that celebrates the summer solstice, two days late. It is a celebration that the Catholic Church does coincide with the birthday of St. Joan Baptista and has become a party with elements very marked and customs and symbolic: the purifying fire, midnight baths, herbs St. John, the song, dance or magic rituals and healing.

The origin of the celebration of the Night of Sant Joan Barcelona is part of the group and pagan festivals like Christmas. With a tradition that dates back to long before the introduction of Christianity, a cult of the sun, the lengthening of the day, the summer solstice.

The celebration of the Night of San Juan in Barcelona is very old, especially with the presence of the central fires, because it is common belief that the flames frighten away evil spirits who roam during the night. In fact, in the eighteenth century as they enact laws intended to curb fireworks and bonfires in the city, which then suggests that the tradition was already very established. But the party has remained until now in spite of prohibitions and restrictions during the twentieth century.

What happens on the feast of Sant Joan

Since 1966 various groups and organizations distribute Canigó Flame from the top of the mountain, around the Catalan speaking to ignite the fires of the Night of San Juan. The flame remains lit throughout the year at Castellet Perpignan and renewed each morning June 23 at the top of Canigó. In Barcelona, the flame arrives since the seventies.

The entity responsible for the arrival of the flame of Canigó Barcelona is Omnium Cultural, which plays host reception on June 23 afternoon in Plaça Sant Jaume. When the carriers arrive with flame Eagle City and the Giants make the City a guard of honor to the crucible in the heart of the square, while the melody is interpreted as "Mountains of Canigou ". After the speeches of organizers and officials, the fire is distributed among the representatives of the districts, which will be responsible for turning the respective bonfires.

Night bonfires and dances. The Night of San Juan has a unique festival in Barcelona, but simultaneously makes each neighborhood bonfires and dances of their own. With the arrival of Fire Canigou lit the fire and the party is about can be of many kinds: popular dinners, fireworks with devils and beasts, orchestras and dance bands that make the public, etc. Now, one thing that is missing is nowhere more champagne and cake, eat typical San Juan.