Many people ask the question What really is Catalan Culture and how is it different to Spanish Culture? Many people do pick up on some aspects of the culture without realising it on a trip to the wonderful city of Barcelona. There are street signs around Barcelona that display a different language on them to the Spanish you would expect to find. This is because you actually in Catalonia, that not only has its different language, but also its distinct culture. This article will let you learn a little more about the culture, and its unique food and traditions.

What are the exciting parts to the Culture?

Food is a great place to start when talking about any culture. People often think of paella or tapas as typical Spanish dishes. These can of course be found all over Barcelona, but there is a lot more exciting things to try. Due to the location of Catalonia which is surrounded by the sea as well as mountains, the Catalan diet consists of sea food and meat dishes. One classic Catalan snack is 'Pan amb tomato' which is bread that has been toasted, with olive oil and tomato. This is a must and can be found in all bars and cafes. Another Catalan favourite is 'Calcots' that are eaten between January and March. They are barbecued and after peeling are enjoyed with Romesco sauce. They are similar to spring onions and delicious! A trip to Catalonia is not complete without enjoying 'Fideua'. This is a Catalan twist on Paella. Instead of rice, a short noodle is used or squid ink is used. This gives the 'Fideua' a different taste to Paella.

The language is another distinct part of the culture, with most residents speaking both Spanish and Catalan. The language is making a come back, with the Catalan people being extremely proud of their unique language. Catalan is widely spoken across Barcelona, which many people do not realise. If tourists make the effort to learn just a few words of Catalan it is widely appreciated across Barcelona.

Catalan local parties

Catalans also know how to put on a good party. There are very regular 'Catalan Fiestas' that are held regularly throughout the year. Most local areas will have their own fiesta at some point in the year. A quick online search will give you details of the latest fiestas and whats involved. The most famous fiesta is 'La Merce' which is held in September every year. It used to be a religious occasion which celebrated the 'Virgin of Grace', but today includes a whole range of Catalan food and traditions.

Finally, the culture has its own emblems. For example, a donkey is the most important symbol of Catalonia. There are many theories about what the donkey symbolises. Some say that it represents the hard work ethos of the Catalan people. Other people say that the donkey makes fun of the Spanish Bull.

There are many other traditions in Catalan culture, to many to discuss here! The culture has some fantastic traditions to embrace, and explore further!