Apart from the infrastructure and the rich history, the next big thing in the city of Barcelona is Paella cuisine. The city has stolen the show in preparing Paella from Valencia where the food originated. It has perfected the art of preparing the dish so well that the immediate thing you feel eager to try while on a visit to the city is nothing but Paella. Paella is made mainly from white rice, green vegetables, meat, beans and a bit of condiments to spice up the whole mix.

But of course some restaurants use fish instead of meat while preparing the meal. It is widely considered as the Spanish national dish due to its prominence among the locals and tourists from around the world.

Where exactly can you find the best paella in Barcelona?

The city of Barcelona is strategically located at the seaside, attracting huge numbers of visitors and tourists annually. But then finding good paella can prove to be more complicated. With paella being the number one choice for most of the visitors, almost every restaurant has opted to offer this precious dish on their menus. This has ridiculed the original salacious taste of the dish with some restaurants not maintaining the preparation standards required for the food. If you check around for the best restaurants, you are assured of getting the best value for your money. Below is a list of some of the most interesting places to enjoy paella in Barcelona.

7 Portes

Eating your paella in a serene environment in one of the classiest modern decors will give you the right satisfaction. Before the main course dish is served in the restaurant, you are provided with an array of appetizers that will leave you yearning for more paella when it is eventually served. The appetizers include ham or even rare anchovies, a rare fish species praised for its tasty nature. You'll get VIP service from the attractively dressed waiters who will serve you their fantastic paella known as parellada. The dish consists of delectable rice served with mussels, monkfish, lobster, pieces of squid, several slices of minced pork, pieces of rabbit meat and 'botifarra' sausage. The seafood and the meat is nicely peeled to spare you a lot of work when eating. The food is served in adequate quantity with the paella content, especially the seafood and meat composition, varying daily.

Arrosseria Xativa

Perhaps you would want to taste different types of paella dishes. At Arrosseria, you get 28 types of different rice dishes, providing you every paella taste of your choice. You can try out the 'Passejat' rice spiced with chicken peas and pig's ear, as well as 'morcilla' blood sausage that comes with diced onion. You can eat your paella right from the pan with a wooden spoon. They also offer take-away services in case you want to enjoy your paella at the comfort of your home.

El Suquet del l'Almirall

The restaurant is mostly identified for its Barcelonetta Paella. Located at the shores of port Vell, it offers a serene eating environment. Their paella served with cod fritters and baby squid makes them stand out from the rest.

You can pick one of these restaurants to enjoy the best paella in Barcelona.