Sometimes, the perfect meal involves a hamburger, milkshake and a nice place to enjoy it. Just because you are in Barcelona does not mean that you can’t enjoy a delicious burger, especially during the summer. A good number of restaurants in Barcelona have this American classic on their menus. The popularity of the hamburger and its variations has quickly caught on in the Spanish city and its environs. You can easily find your favourites or try out some new ones. On your hunt to find the best places to grab a hamburger, you may wonder, what makes one joint better than the other?

Right Atmosphere

You can sit to eat a burger in certain places and feel the authenticity beyond your taste buds. The ambience that hamburger restaurants create for their patrons can sway your decision either way. If it’s summer, a location with a beautiful view of the beach or a terrace where customers can sit is ideal. The proper atmosphere should not be too formal or too casual. Regardless of whether you are eating out with family or hopping in for a quick bite after work, a burger restaurant should provide the right mood. The ambience is influenced by many things from the interior decor to the music to the lighting. Some restaurants even have specific sections for the day and night customers.

Great Menu

A restaurant should have an assortment of items on the menu that complement the main offering. Piling on too many things on the menu can overshadow the excellence of a burger treat. Imagine having to choose between seafood, tacos and BBQ ribs to accompany your burger. A simple offer of chips, salads and a house sauce are perfect combinations, and then you can have several choices of wines or other beverages and desserts. Some hamburger restaurants in Barcelona allow customers to create their own burgers from various combinations.

Good Recipe

Barcelona has some of the best chefs, so you can expect out-of-this-world burger recipes. Gourmet hamburgers are, especially popular in the region with restaurants using exotic ingredients to make their menus unique. Everyone has an opinion of what the perfect burger should taste like, but there are basics. For one, you cannot compromise on the quality of bread because it should be freshly baked and not too sugary. With all the juices that run when you bite into a burger, you want a bun that won’t get soggy before you even begin. Meat patties should be grilled to crunchy goodness and bacon should be smoky and well done. Spanish and raw onions are a popular choice in Europe. Restaurants can get very fancy when it comes to sauces, and that can make all the difference when picking a burger place in Barcelona. Then there are the little specials that make one restaurant stand out from the rest; the extra crispy bacon, the well-textured buns or fresh artichokes. If you want a specific hamburger such as grass-fed, you can ask the restaurant first.

Finding that one stop burger restaurant in Barcelona is easy when you know what to watch out for. Enjoy the best that the Catalan city has to offer with great menu combinations and meats from different continents.