With Barcelona being a huge city, there are modern and extensive public transportation maps put in place to allow people get anywhere in a flexible manner. Some of the transportation systems you are likely to find here are cable cars, railways, taxis, buses, trams, and metro that operate until late in the night. Despite the city being vast, you comfortably get to your destination quickly because transportation is incorporated in an integrated transport system, meaning tickets are always valid for various types of transport.

By doing a little calculation about the place you wish to go, the metro map will help you figure out the time it will take to complete your journey. Therefore, if you are planning to get to various travel destinations, the map can come in handy. You only need to estimate the number of stops you will pass and then multiply the figure by two minutes. It is advisable to add at least 5 minutes in the figure to account for any waiting time.

Tickets are bought at any metro station or vending machines that have different language settings for the sake of tourists. Each ticket is valid for the entire transportation, meaning you are free to get on and off with one ticket until you get to the final destination. With a zone 1 ticket, you get to travel to all regions of the city, including the suburbs and the airport.

Together with the one-way ticket, you can get the T-10 pass that is normally valid for ten rides. The pass is way cheaper and does not expire in that, if the rides are not completed, you can still use it again when in the city the next time. What’s more, the pass can be used by more than just one person in a metro and is only validated once. You can acquire plans for the entire transport network in the metro stops and also get them freely at the pay booths on the metro station.

Be Careful with the Barcelona Metro Map in Public

When in the subway, do not spend too much time looking at your map. This is because you could quickly tip off thieves that you are a clueless tourist who does not know the surroundings clearly. With the large number of people in the city and the frequency of tourists, pickpockets tend to frequent subway stations, looking out for unsuspecting tourists.

Therefore, when in the city, be on guard and watch your luggage closely. If you carry valuables such as cameras and expensive phones, ensure they are hidden away from the public to avoid being snatched. If you have to use your Barcelona metro map on your way to your destination, be very discreet.

By simply following the metro map, you can easily get to destinations such as Plaza Catalunya, the Barcelona beach, and any other place you wish to visit within the city. One major advantage of using the metro map and public transportation is that you get to save large amounts of money while enjoying your travel experience. Travelling by Metro increases your savings and allows you to spend the saved cash in more exciting areas such as shopping or dining.