When making the decision to visit the wonderful Spanish city of Barcelona, the first factors that come to mind are the striking, iconic architecture and the world famous nightlife along the Las Ramblas strip, but perhaps something that is less known about but equally as important in Barcelona culture is the vibrant markets that cover many streets across the city throughout the week. If you are going to be visiting the Catalan city in the near future and want the best advice on which Barcelona markets to visit, then read through this simple guide to some of the most prominent ones.

La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria is one the most well known food markets in the whole of Barcelona, a classic food market that sprawls across a huge space and boasts stalls that will provide you will everything you can ever imagine wanting to buy. There is also a small tapas bar located right in the middle of the market space which has the locals' seal of approval as well as tourists. The stall owners are friendly, helpful and willing to give you a great price for their excellent goods.

La Rambla Market

Not to be confused with the famous nightlife spot, La Rambla Market is another of the famous Barcelona markets. Ideally situated for all tourists who don't want to venture too far in to the unknown, the market is really traditional and sells every food under the sun from fresh fish to fresh fruit. Taking a trip through La Rambla market is a real sensation for the senses, with live lobsters and crabs still moving and whole animals being prepared and hung up outside stalls! There is also something for the kids, with the market being known for its brightly coloured and vibrant sweet stalls.

Mercadillo de la Placa de Sant Josep

Located close to La Rambla, this market is one that is dedicated to artists and the stunning pieces of art that they create and sell. Open only at weekends, groups of Catalan artists congregate under a shadow of a church and showcase their stunning projects, ranging from watercolours to oils and generally depicting scenes that can be witnessed across Barcelona. The rumour is that you might be able to get a better price for a painting if you are brave enough to converse with them in their native tongue!

Fira de Nautumismo

Not all markets in Barcelona are food based. Open only on Sundays, you should really make the effort to visit this quaint flea market. If there is anyone in your life with an interest in coin or stamp collecting, this market in particular should be at the top of your to-do list, as it is famous for being the epicentre of those two particular hobbies, as well as being a wonderful, gift finding experience in all other areas too.