For generations now, the Spanish city of Barcelona has been one of the most popular and beloved holiday destinations for people travelling through or visiting Europe. From the wonderful nightlife to the stunning architecture and unique way of life, absolutely everything about Barcelona makes for a perfect vacation spot. However, whilst some tourist spots like Las Ramblas might be well known to prospective visitors, one particular hidden gem that will no doubt be a delight to all tourists is the amazing chocolate museum Barcelona gives home to!

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona

Known locally as the Museu de la Xocolata, the museum is a privately run and funded exhibition that is owned by the famous city pastry maker's guild, the Gremi de Pastisseria de Barcelona. A fairly modern landmark compared to some of the more historical sights of Barcelona, the museum was opened in 2000, situated at Carrer Comerc 36, El Born, Ciutat Vella on the ground floor of an old repurposed barracks.

The first aspect that will draw you to the wonderful museum is the many magnificent displays that the expert sweet craftsmen have produced. Made entirely of Spanish chocolate, visitors are invited to see sculptures that have been fashioned into some of the most well known buildings in Barcelona, as well as chocolate inspired illustrations that tell various famous folk stories that are linked to the history of the Spanish city.

Stunning Chocolate Sculptures In Barcelona

Within walking distance of many of the other more high profile tourist locations in Barcelona, the chocolate museum makes for a convenient and unusual trip that will add a touch of quirky and whimsical to your city break. The museum has sections that will appeal to visitors of all ages, with a section more appealing to adults that displays intricate chocolate replications of famous architectural landmarks, along with an exhibit designed for children that showcases chocolate statues featuring the likes of Disney characters and Star Wars imagery.

Fittingly, the museum contains a café area where visitors are able to sample some of the amazing chocolate products from sweet snacks to rich hot beverages, along with a selection of all of the coffees, teas and morsels that one expects from a Barcelona eatery. At just 6 euros for entry, the museum offers a great value for money experience, and the fun begins before you even enter the building as your entry ticket is actually made from chocolate!

On average, a well paced tour around the Chocolate Museum Barcelona will take approximately 60 minutes, offering a unique perspective on the history of the city and giving you a chance to satisfy your sweet tooth. Those with young children will also want to make sure the museum is on their radar, as children under the age of 7 are admitted for free.