Barcelona is a real romantic city. It throbs, it lives, and it moves in the most exceptional way you can ever imagine about. At the centre of all this moving and throbbing lies Las Ramblas. A long road that runs from the Placa Catalunya down to the main harbour. Las Ramblas is more of a path than a road with cars restricted to two narrow strips of parking on both sides of the wide pedestrian walk. At the centre of this promenade lies real entertainment filled with a myriad of street entertainers. This is a contrary to the norm because Las Ramblas is widely known for its human statues and not street performances.

Nothing entertains like the Barcelona Street Entertainers

People turn themselves into "real" statues as a form of earning a living. You shall meet a man losing his head, or another turning into a snake and so on. "Neither can I sing nor dance but I can paint myself white to become a junk of snow" are common phrases along Las Ramblas. The Human Beings here are super creative.

They can make anyone want to spend the rest of their lives glued in the streets watching the acts by the Barcelona street performers. For example, you shall meet the guy who has painted the whole body black with specks of gold and putting on wings to mimic an angel or another one nailed on the "cross" to mimic the cruxification. Walk some few metres, and you shall meet another man who has painted himself with some copper colour who melts down into a sculpture.

Apart from the group of artists discussed above, other Las Rambla's street performers include Mickey Mouse, the devil, a renowned cowboy, a cowgirl, some guy in electric hair, several Spanish made Indians, two Korean soldiers, Che Guevara, Julius Caesar from the story of Jesus, a white guy and some guy mimicking the wheel on a ship. There is also very many Egyptian and African statues.

Other Street Entertainers in Barcelona

To the East of Las Ramblas is another street- Bari Gotic. Here lies another group of real street performers who will entertain you thoroughly. This is a fantastic street that hosts the most admirable square in the whole of Barcelona. At the centre of the road lie attractive restraints and cafes.

On summer evening's, the street plays host to all sorts of performing artists who come out to sing, dance and play in the most attractive manner. Here, you will find Roman dancers performing sweet ancient Roman songs and all sorts of such like stuff. There is a Germany Guy who wears a very long pair of trousers, and his chest painted black and white. He swirls and twirls to flute music while dancing his heart out at the centre of Bari Gotica square.

Barcelona is a centre of singers, dancers and all sorts of street performers. Poets, dreamers, and sculptures rest at the heart of Barcelona.You can walk through the streets of the city feeling its breeze on a summer evening while being entertained with a myriad of Barcelona street performers.